Enjoy live indy music at Woodstock Soi. Hua Hin 88/2

Inspired by the American famous indy rock music festival, Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Woodstock Soi. Hua Hin 88/2 brings in quality indy live music in the house daily with a large delicious selection of Thai and western dishes.

Woodstock Soi. Hua Hin 88/2 is proud to present live music in the house every night. Thoughtfully selecting the bands and the genres to serve the best music experience to their indy music lover guests, the owner of the restaurant, as a musician himself, has made his restaurant a hot destination for Pop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, solo Acoustic, Blues, Reggae, cosmic country, etc. The music from his restaurant is purely produced by non-electronic instruments, so it sounds naturally and artistically beautiful and lively. Also, from time to time, you can participate in singing with the bands during the open-mic session, as well.

The price of the Thai and western food and drinks is very affordable compared to the big portion of a meal that could serve at least 2 people. The following dishes are amazing to have while enjoying the music there:

  • Fried Larb Balls– minced-pork balls seasoned with Thai-styled Larb spices that give a well-blended combination of saltiness, sourness, and a bit of spiciness. You can treat this menu as an appetizer or a small side dish to go with your beer.

  • Steamed pork with chilies and lime– a healthier option that contains a lot of steamed pork slices seasoned with, outstandingly, lime juice, chilies, and other flavors. You can treat this menu as a main dish or a side dish for your beer.

  • Deep fried sea bass- boneless sea bass pieces deep fried with fish sauce to create a little salty base taste and juiced up by a sweet and sour mango sauce prepared by side. You can treat this menu as a main dish to share with your gang and pair it with any beer or cocktails.

  • Beef burger with fries– the recipe is thoughtfully handcrafted by one of the owners who has acquired great cooking experience in Australia. The sesame buns are perfectly grilled to give the perfect tenderness and texture. Fries are thick and so full of potato content. Of course, beer will be a perfect pair with this menu.

  • Spaghetti with deep-fried softshell crabs– a Thai-Italian fusion dish with large-sized softshell crabs which are popular among Thai people. The spaghetti still retains its authentic Italian identity. You can treat this menu as a main dish for a person or two.

Woodstock Soi. Hua Hin 88/2 excites every night with Happy Hours from 3 – 8 PM, with a drink starting from 60 THB, and a main dish starting from 150 THB. You can get refreshed with beer, classic cocktails, and wine in the outdoor home-dining atmosphere. Indy music lovers must make a stop at Woodstock Soi. Hua Hin 88/2. The restaurant is open from 2 PM-midnight. The live music starts from 8 PM onwards daily. For the exact location, please check https://goo.gl/maps/Mz2mtASYxYNiZeTeA. For more information, please contact 081-615-5169 or https://www.facebook.com/woodstockhuahin

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