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If clean food is your thing, then Reen Food is for you. The restaurant Reen Food has created a food solution for a lifestyle focussed on healthy living and clean eating. Previously it was difficult to match great taste with clean food, but Reen Food has attempted to match these two things, and does a pretty reasonable job at producing something that is priced well, good for you and tastes good as well.

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One of the characteristics of Reen Food is that every meal box contains 200 grams of chicken breast and 80 grams of rice. This is suitable for people who are looking to lose weight. Additionally there is sufficient protein for those people who want to build muscle.

Reen Food wanted to avoid making tasteless food, which can be the challenge when you are seeking to make healthy and clean food. Instead they are seeking to use a recipe that allows tastes as close to normal food as possible.

They stick to a strict adherence of no preservatives, all seasonings with reduced sodium and no added vegetable oil

Stir fried dory fish

Stir fried dory fish

this is great for those who love fish, its got ginger and onion, peppers-corns with some bold and fiery chilli to back it up. Be sure to let them know how much chilli you like. Overall this is a tasty dish that is sure to provide all the goodness that a clean meat like fish does! We choose the freshest fish. Not eat fishy, ​​focus on cooking with Thai herbs, krachai, kaffir lime leaves, black pepper. I can say that this dish is very delicious

Krua Kling Kai Ri

Krua Kling Kai Ri

This is an interesting one, its a southern food, thats kinda like a minced curry chicken. , it has the 200 grams of chicken breast, mixed with hot and spicy southern curry, but kinda still on the mild side. You definitely cannot accuse this dish of being tasteless. Add the omelette and the rice together. Very tasty.

Chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich

Reen Food Chicken sandwich is a wallop of chicken breast, with a quite chunky boiled egg. This is their signature chicken breast sandwich, which makes for a great breakfast. Also fits their Bangkok urban lifestyle which is always on the go. They use salad dressing with no preservatives, no sugar and has 150 grams of chicken breast.

Chicken basil

Chicken basil

the most popular Thai fast food menu Flavored with a slightly spicy flavor Making the chicken basil with this flavorful flavor

Stir Fried Prawn Curry Powder (Gung Phad Phong Karee)

This classic Thai dish can be found in all seafood restaurants, its a lovely Thai dish with aroma of powder curry.

Most Thai curry dishes call for freshly prepared curry paste that is
best used fresh just before cooking. However this is wonderfully delicious and simple exception, in so much that it’s a popular Thai seafood recipe which is unique in its use of commercially available curry powder.

Originated by Teochew Chinese chefs in the Chinese restaurants in Bangkok who used to feed the working class of Thai-Chinese immigrants. It has been adapted along the way. You will get a little of sweet taste and aroma of the powder curry

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