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Red pizza Bangkok is a family-owned and runs the company that started 12 years ago with Red Contemporary Dining in 2007. It started as an Indian Fine dining restaurant at the heart of Bangkok which experimented with fusion dishes that were divergent and attention-grabbing. Overtime the focus evolved to a catering company which leveraged their popularity.

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They took their speciality of fusion and opened Red Pizza in 2018 which specialised in high quality thin eggless crust pizza with exotic toppings; Italian, Indian and Thai flavours. They started as a small shophouse in Sukhumvit 71 focusing on delivery but they tell us that soon they will be opening Red Pizza in different locations around Bangkok.

You can order their food on FoodPanda, GrabFood and LineMan.

The wings

These are quite different to your normal wings, for starters. It looks like its gonna be a defiantly hot affair, but actually upon first bite, the chicken opens up soft and tender like, with not snarling hit of chili. To be sure, there is still a robust, savoury taste, slight reminsicent of spice going on. THis is surrounded by fried garlic and kirffir lime leaf, giving a strong thai aroma. These have to be tried, they’re moist and jiuce, and quite unique in their taste. They’re defintely moreish and they are help by the lemongrass hint as well

Thai basil chicken pizza

Thai basil chicken pizza

For lovers of all things Thai, this is sure to fire up your taste buds. It’s so oh very thai, taking in one of the most famous thai dishes, Pad Kaprow. It’s strong and bold in its flavours but not overwhelming. The Thai basil (Krapow) is substantially presence, and adds a lot to the total taste profile. Liitle mini chunks of chicken sit in the base sauce.

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Time to go Indian, if you are a lover of Paneer (like me) you’re sure to enjoy this one. This small pieces of paneer, covered in a savoury indian spice. With an assortment of other vegetables such as capsicum, red onion. This is a true delight for the lover of all things Indian. Its a great idea, the meeting of Italian and Indian cuisines and its well executed

Hot and spicy pizza

Hot and spicy pizza

Red pizza provided a good and straightforward pizza here. I gotta say for me the pizza found that perfect balance of enough chilli to put a fire in my belly but not so much that you could no longer taste anything you put into your mouth. But I accept that will be different for different people, what works for me won’t necessarily work for others. Their approach to this pizza is the use onions, bell peppers, chilli and chilli pepper. Again simple, but effective.

Miang kham salad

Unusal, not bad. Quite different. The sauce is hard to describe, sweet, but not overly. Little mini chunks of mango, make for a moment of sweetness. Its kinda like a slow journey through a valley of tastes. All are voered, tart, chilli, sweet.

Minced Chicken Masala Sliders

I must say I have never encountered these before, but these delightful little Minced Chicken Masala Sliders and are gonna be a hit with anyone who is a fan of Masala.


And on a final note, don’t forget their ice cream! Its an Indian flavoured inspired delicacy, that quite different from your usual store bought ice cream!


575 ซอย สุขุมวิท Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110


 093 295 4664

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