Delivery: Somboon Seafood – Incredible & Famous Curried Crab!

For half a century, Somboon Seafood has delivered the best tastes with passion and diligence. Generation after generation, the original flavors have been preserved and Somboon Seafood will continue to honour the tradition of serving its dishes with integrity to its patrons.

Somboon Seafood has a couple of different locations so definitely you would want to try them out. I love the location in Silom on the corner, it is usually packed full of people (non-COVID) and busy hustle and bustle with activity! I hope we can see that sort of activity resume sooner than later!

Deep-Fried Sea Bass

Somboon Seafood
Deep-Fried Sea Bass

One of the best ways to eat deep-fried Seabass is exactly like this, served with spicy condiments on the side. Pull apart, crunchy chunks of sea bass dipped in a Thai cilantro chutney is so good, or the red Thai chili’s in fish sauce! No carbs to worry about in this healthy meal (ok apart from the minor fact that it is deep-fried). But OH SO GOOD!

Somboon Seafood
Prawns & Glass Noodles

Can you say HUMUNGEOUS!!! These gigantic prawns from Somboon Seafood, nice rich hearty broth with glass noodles and of course some chili oil makes this dish a winner! Simple and understated, this dish serves up nicely!!

Tom Yam Soup

Somboon Seafood
Tom Yam Soup

The words “tom yam” are derived from two Thai words. Tom refers to the boiling process, while yam refers to a Thai spicy and sour salad. Tom yum is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavours, with fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth. However, Tom Yam is a favourite for anyone I know just like how popular butter chicken is! This classic soup serves up such delicious enticing taste in true Thai style! Furthermore, loads of ginger, lemongrass, cilantro, tomatoes and huge prawns mixed with the spicy Tom Yum broth is to die and go to heaven!

Crab Curry

Somboon Seafood

Somboon Seafood’s crab curry is super famous actually since 1969 and I can definitely see why. I actually came to this restaurant my very first time in Thailand and had a meeting over some famous crab curry. I didn’t realize how good it was until I tried it. Huge succulent chunks of crab in a very mild curry which can be eaten with steamed rice or just on its own. This is a must when you dine here!

Thank you to the Somboon Seafood Restaurant for the wonderful pictures. I had taken pictures but they would not have done the food any justice. Very grateful to the staff for preparing the wonderful food and delivery! Please call the restaurant to see if they are now open for dining in using proper social distancing measures.

With Love and Gratitude,


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