Would you please ‘Bun me’?

Bun me has been opened for 4 years in their current Sukhumvit 50. Location.  Their concept originated when they travelled to Saigon and tried bbq pork Bánh mì there. Once back to Thailand they found Bun Me Bo, a delicious Bánh mì working food concept.  Unfortunately eventually that restaurant closed and thats when they saw their opportunity. Once they Originally the owners were considering a Filipino restaurant,  but decided to open a Bánh mì restaurant called Bun Me.  Initially their markets were Japanese. There was a strong response which encouraged them further with the owner eventually quitting their office job.  

Bun me
Sukhumvit 50 Location

They have now also extended out to a 2nd location in Sukhumvit 11. The venue exists as more of an express service for people to come pick up their Bun Me and go!

Bun me
Sukhumvit 11

Pork belly Bánh mì

Bun me

We start our Vietnamese Bánh mì journey with the delightful Pork belly Bánh mì. The sauce is a mayo with home made pate mixed in.  The pork belly is seasoned and they roast it themselves.  It all sits amongst pickled carrots that lend a sweet and sour taste.  Onions and coriander on top with a Daikon radish to boot. The bread is baked daily, it’s soft and slightly fluffy and definitely has that taste of baked today bread.

Traditional Ban Minh

Bun me

This comes with Chinese sausage and Vietnamese sausage (Chả lụa) which is very much like Thai Moo Yor.  Before the Chả lụa is cooked, it’s in a form of a pork paste called gio song (song in this context means uncooked). To get to this a lean cut of pork is grounded into a paste and then seasoned.

The two sausages, Chinese and Vietnamese are quite different, yet whilst there is a contrast there is also a great complimentary effect.  The sweetness of Chinese sausage with mixes quite well with the Vietnamese Chả lụa.

The grilled beef Ban Minh

Bun me
Grilled beef Ban Minh

It starts off with beef that is marinated overnight using some dark soya sauce, salt and pepper and then grilled.  It’s worth mentioning that there is chilies that come with this, but it entirely optional as to the amount of chilies.  And they always ask first.   

This is a delicious and enjoyable Bánh mì, it was wolfed down quick smart and its big enough to share! The beef its nicely done and set against the freshly baked bread, this is a really tasty treat that was thoroughly enjoyed!


All three Ban Minhs

I think they have come up with their own concept of Bánh mì,  which is quite a good thing!  It’s quite unique and it makes them stand out.  I like that their pate is not so strong.   They had plans for expansion this year but COVID  slowed them. 

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