A little bit of Bombay Masala to spice up your life?

Walking up Sukumvit Road and turning on Soi 21, you will find Bombay Masala tucked nicely into the Soi, three quarter of the way down to your right. This unassuming quaint little Indian restaurant serves up finger-licking good food.

We had pre-ordered our lunch which came out hot fresh and ready to discover all the amazing different entrées we tried.

Bombay Masala
Chicken Piaazz

The first we got was chicken piazza (means Chicken Onion). The chunks of chicken that we received were super soft succulent and tasty. What I loved about it was a serving of the onions that came in some slightly sweet salty mix.

The next day dish we got was a hot fiery spicy of Channa chat ( I ordered it like this). I love the way they decorated the plates when they served all of the dishes as you will see in the pictures. I have been to Bombay and this food reminded me of my adventures in Incredible India.

Bombay Masala
Channa Chat

One of the most favourites of the dishes that I ate today which I’ve never had before and I will definitely order again (on repeat) is……. drum roll please …. the Hara Bara Kebab. When I ordered these kebabs I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never had this before which is one of the reasons why I ordered this off the menu. I am definitely a fan of trying different things in an Indian restaurant and not just the usual butter chicken and garlic naan!

Bombay Masala
Hara Bara Kebab

The hara bara kebab is vegetarian kebabs made with spinach and spices. I believe it is deep-fried and when it is served they put a nice little edible cashew to compliment the kebab. This is definitely a great pick for vegetarians and Bombay Masala has a large vegetarian menu to choose from as well.

Bombay Masala

We also had Fish Amritsari style. These huge chunks of fish were light, flaky and delectable. It went so nicely dipped in the mint chutney. I love the mix of flavours when I tried this.

Oh, have you ever had the channa batura? No? Well, I think this would be the time to book or pop into Bombay Masala, to MUST try it! The staff is so helpful and fast! I had a moment when I was sitting upstairs to check out this place. While I was waiting for the camera guy to show up, I struck up a conversation with Heera. I go a teeny chance to speak to Heera (means diamond), and her smile shone just like a diamond!!! She was very accomodating in serving us our lunch today!

Bombay Masala
Garlic Naan

Just when I thought we had finished when 4 more dishes came to our table.

We had the Kadai Chicken Mutton Palak, Garlic Naan, Tandoori Roti and the Chicken Keema Naan! Wowzers…. I definitely needed to take this home!

Mutton Palek

Kadai Chicken: It was perfectly saucy, loads of onions, spices, soft chicken pieces and paired with delicious garlic naan. Or you could have had the tandoori roti as well, all truly delicious.

Chicken Keema (ground chicken) naan – if you want to just have a snack and some great Indian chai, this is the perfect savory snack to get. Even though it’s not in the appetizer category on the menu. You can order a chicken which comes cut up in four pieces almost like a quesadilla. This is the perfect snack to have with your tea did you satiate your appetite for dinner or lunch.

Chicken Kadhai

The mutton palak was one of my other favorite dishes to try, however I like it with the tandoori roti. I enjoy the simpleness of the tandoori roti with the tasty version of the spinach mixed with the mutton and the spices. The spices did not overpower the mutton or the spinach.

Let’s just say another very very authentic and tasty Indian restaurant Bambu masala located in Sukumvit.

Keema Naan

I want to thank Heera and make sure if you go and she is working to say hi! I asked you think you have a gentleman that made sure that we had our food it came up perfect for pictures and of course the most important thing is how it tasted. A huge thumbs up for Bombay Masala and their wonderful staff!

With love and gratitude,


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