Delivery : Something different with ‘Pizza Turkish’

Most of us are familiar with pizza, (who isn’t?) but who where has tried Turkish Pizza? Its definitely something different, and it’s often called Pide. But pide can mean different things: Ramazan pidesi is sweet doughy bread served at Ramadan; a similar style of pide is used in kebab shops as a base for cooked meat; and içli pide, or filled pide, is the type that we know and love.

Içli pide goes all the way back to the 1850s, when bakers in the small town of Bafra, on the Black Sea, started stuffing their bread before baking it. This simple dish has been modernised with delicious toppings like cheese with sujuk (a cured beef sausage) and wafer-thin pastrami with egg.

Pizza Turkish
Turkey – Home of the Turkish pizza

Lahmacun is a round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat minced vegetables and … it has only in modern times been referred to as “pizza“, and it is of Middle Eastern rather than European origin

So we tried so pizza from Turkish Pizza, unfortunately when we ordered they had a limited menu, so we were not able to assess the whole menu, but we got a small sample to give it a try. If you are expecting something like an Italian pizza you will be disappointed, this is nothing like them, it’s a totally different beast all together.

Salmon and cheese – Turkish Boat (Pide) Pizza

Pizza Turkish
Turkish Boat Pizza – Salmon and cheese

This is the thicker version of the pizzas available, its has a strong fishy taste which strangely, my Thai friend was not a fan of. For me the melted cheese with the salmon was quite good, if not a little simple. There is a smattering of lovely slight burnt sesame seeds which just give the taste profile a little pop.

Crispy beef Turkish Pizza

Pizza Turkish
Crispy beef Turkish Pizza

This is a delightful little number that’s crunchy with a much thinner base (kinda how i like my pizzas). It has ground beef on it, making for a savoury taste profile. It’s worth ordering if you enjoy a simple beef pizza.


Unfortunately we cannot comment on the rest of their menu, however what we did try was sufficiently intriguing. You can order direct by Line QR code or through Food Panda. They have direct order application which will also starting soon.

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