Delivery : I’ll have a ‘Berlin’s Doner Kebab’ with everything mate.


In creating ‘Berlin’s Doner Kebab’, one of the German co-founders, who was found of the particular style of Kebab from back home, couldn’t find a good German Kebab in bangkok. So the idea was born, if you can find it, then bring it to life! After some market research they figured out of to provide the quality that they believed the market would respond to. To them it was all about the meat, the sauces and the bread. They believed that their European customers would respond well as they understood the product already, but the challenge was on to introduce this to the thai market in terms of gaining acceptance and eventually enpassioned love!

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

Berlin's Doner Kebab

The reason for the name (Berlin’s Doner Kebab), as Berlin was the first city in Europe where this dish has been introduce after the second world war in Germany from the Turkish immigrant that came in order to rebuilt the country after the war.


There are many ways of doing a Kebab in term of quality, however for Berlin’s Doner Kebab it was a priority to offer 100% home made products, They bake their bread every morning, the beef & lamb is imported from Australia and freshly marinated, all the sauces are home made from scratch as well and we are using organic vegetables. They really focus on the quality of the product in order for people to come back. Berlin’s Doner Kebab focus a lot on customer satisfaction as well, by not just being a simple “Fast Food”.

Doner Duram Wrap

For me, I grew up eating Kebabs, coming from a multi-cultural country there was always a supply of all foods from all nations, which most likely gave me my appreciation for ‘foreign food’. Kebabs always seemed to be best eaten after a big night out, maximum appreciation time was sometime between 1-4am. It’s clear that most of the flavour is in their special sauces. This combines nicely with the high quality meat (beef & lamb is imported from Australia) which is also freshly marinated.

Doner kebab with home made bread

One note of consequence is that the feta is homemade, which they source from a local supplier. It’s nicely done with a slight salty taste. This Kebab, with its thick bread was certainly a different approach than what Im used to. They were generous with the sauce which I liked, it helped to set the taste profile of the whole thing. It was stuffed with some very tasty meat and salad fillings.

Doner Box with falafel

There is also a vegan option, the Doner Box with falafel. Assuringly its homemade, nutritious, and full of healthy ingredients. So if you are on a health bent, Berlin’s Doner Kebab can satisfy you as well! I added some of their tasty sauces o the Falafel, which still had plenty of taste itself with its slight spicy kick.


Berlin's Doner Kebab

There’s a garlicky one, a tomatoey tangy hot affair and a yogurt version and the home made feta. They come with almost everything and since they are quite thick and served in little plastic pots, it’s tricky to decant or transfer them to your kebab. A little knife for spreading comes in handy right now. It’s also an option to ask for the sauces to be applied to your kebab during the making, which is most likely the preferred approach.


Berlin’s Doner Kebab have set up a great business for satisfying those occasional cravings we all get for a great tasting Doner Kebabs, yes you can Kebabs from a local person on the street from around 60-80 Baht. But those things never really come close to how I remember a great tasting kebab. The Kebab itself is great for travelling so it really does suit itself to a delivery type meal, arriving not too differently from how I imagine it was at the restaurant. Now if they ever add cheese to it! Im first in line!

Give them a try and let us know in the comments what you think. Do they stack up to your idea of a great Kebab?


28 Soi Sukhumvit 22, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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