The best hummus in town, you will love ‘Nadimos’!


Nadimos is located in the Holiday Inn, Silom Road which is right next to the Jewelry Trade Center. The Silom location is a hub of hungry gem traders, cutters, buyers and sellers who come and break bread, Lebanese bread that is! Gem Trading goes on all hours of the day at JTC. Buyer and sellers come together to enjoy the food and satisfy their appetites while networking and discussing business. Come early for lunchtime in order to avoid missing out on the special of the day.


Every day during lunchtime, the place fills up to feast on the different specially prepared dishes. I have been to this restaurant many occasions and each time, the food is served hot and fresh.

The Menu

Today special was a huge serving of sea bass on a bed of rice and grilled veggies. This dish is called Sayadieh fish. If you want to try this dish, call the place to find out what the specials are ahead of time.


This tasty “Lebanese salsa” was the perfect condiment to dip the fish in with a spoonful of rice. It carried a bit of a spicy punch but not to firey. The combination was the perfect pairing. Lunch specials are what entices Lebanese people to go eat out. They typically don’t cook these types of extravagant lunches at home as, they prefer to go out, meet friends and family to dine together. It is a tradition of sorts as food brings people together.


A healthy serving of Pureed Carrot soup with the Pomelo salad makes for a splendid, healthy and wholesome delightful lunch. In fact, if you’re looking to shed some weight via a dieting plan, consider Nadimos. With a few tweaks this wholesome & light lunch is most likely for for you.


Warm Hummus with Mushrooms ~ this is one of my favourite ways to eat hummus ~ the sautéed mushrooms give this healthy appetizer a rich, meaty, almost decadent flavour. The warm naan bread is the classical way to ruminate this dish. Nadimos is where you want to buy your hummus for eat in or take away. The best hummus in town!


Pomelo Salad was an invigorating mix of lettuce, tomatoes and pungent dressing that is complete with the carrot soup.


Kibbe with yogurt sauce was such a delight as I have not tried the pumpkin kibbe before. From the crunchy shell to the spiced stuffing, this vegetarian version of kibbeh is one to have in your repertoire and enjoyed all year round.  The translucent onions and fresh mint mixed with the warm yogurt sauce adds the refined touch to the homemade dish. For all the vegans out there, the pumpkin kibbe with soy yogurt would be the bomb!


Stuffed grape leaves known as “Warak Enab” in Arabic, is a Lebanese dish of spiced rice and beef rolled in grape leaves and simmered in a Lemony broth. The pomegranate seeds added a touch of sweetness to the sour taste. Dolma is stuffed grape leaves, originating in Turkey but expanding all over the Mediterranean, Middle East, and beyond, we say dolma they say dolmades! Bottom line …. they are super scrumptious. Personally, the Lebanese version is much different than the Turkish/Greek ones, I like them both!


Shanklish is a Lebanese and Syrian blue cheese made from sheep or cow’s milk. The cheese is most popular in coastal and mountainous areas especially around Tartous and Homs and the adjoining northern Lebanese region of Akkar. The olive oil is being poured on the cheese dish which added to the overall taste, it walloped the palate with saltiness and tomatoey goodness. My first time to try Shanklish and it did not let down.


The Chef & Management

Chef Noor has been with Nadimos for many years and his passion comes out in the dishes he lovingly prepares. I had a chance to sit with the owner of Nadimos, Khatar who came to live in Bangkok many years ago and brought the most delicious flavours of his culture to Thailand. He also is a gem cutter located in the JTC. The Silom location is known for the daily lunch special while the Asoke location is a distinctive experience for dinner. Must try both!


Fried Qatayef made with 2 alternative stuffing inside this carefully minded dessert is made from yeasted pancakes stuffed with nuts, fried to crunchy, golden perfection, then doused in thick sugar syrup. This dessert reminded me of the crispy baklava prepared in a similar way, my favourite was the coconut stuffed one. The mini martini glass allows you to add more sweet syrup to the fried goodness to can omit if you like it the way it is. Even if you don’t have room for dessert, it is imperative to try!


Creme Caramel and Muhalabiah rice pudding (faded on the right of this picture) was lightly sweet and the perfect end to this amazing lunch. Muhalabiah rice pudding is a delicious Middle Eastern pudding made with thickened milk and rice flour. The rose water enhances the dessert and even kids love it. Heck, I would have easily had 2 as it reminded me of my childhood when my mom would make this rice pudding on special occasions.



A HUGE thank you to Marc the GM, Chef Noor and Khatar for the warm hospitality and interesting conversation while devouring the delicious lunch.

I have been here many times and will continue to do so …. they have the best hummus in town!!

With love,



981 Si Lom, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500


02 266 9081


11:30am – 11:30pm

Whilst you’re in Silom, check out other restaurant opportunities in the area.

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