Prawn Star… Say What?! (Fatboy Sushi)

Doubletake? Did I read that correctly, LOL? Yes, thank goodness, the title is definitely NOT a typo, we didn’t mean porn star, although, in Thailand, the word has different connotations. Porn in the Thai language means a wish or a blessing and well prawns are prawns! And because of its good meaning, Porn is often used as the name of many things – from people’s names to shop or store names and in this case, it was a definite play on words and no harm done! Let the review on Fatboy Sushi continue!

Fatboy Sushi

Deep-fried Tofu cubes as an appetizer were the ideal start to preparing your palette for some extraordinary sushi bites to come. Be careful when you chow down on this bowl of tofu as it comes piping hot, delicious soft toft on the inside with a crispy touch on the outside! The question in my head, how do they make the small cubes in such perfect consistent shapes! A question for the chef next time!

Fatboy Sushi

Fatboy Sushi is located in the heart of the Sala Deang area, this is the street where you wanna get lost in a dark alley to find this surreptitious gem. When you see this amazing mural on the wall, you are in the right place. A very cozy space with big hearts to cater to your hunger quite nicely.

The Sushi!

A friend of mine who gladly joined me on this tasty venture doesn’t eat anything that comes from the sea! She was jealously watching me devour the 6 delectable pieces of sushi, which was brought out as our next appetizer. The first one to go down the hatch was the scallop, then yellowtail, Ahi Tuna, Salmon, Prawn and the gilled Unagi. The freshness of the pickled ginger and wasabi added the ideal blend for each and every piece. I savoured each and every bite.

Fatboy Sushi

Prawn Star – the hero of all sushi! This piece was definitely the headliner as I have never tasted anything quite like this. Regular prawn sushi all dressed up to the nines! This piece was almost too good to eat. The Prawn star came topped up with foie gras, escargot, truffle oil and accessorized with an edible gold leaf! Spectacular combination. HIGHLY recommended as a signature piece – MUST TRY! Also, if anyone is into munching on shrimp heads, that part was also included in the full experience.

Fatboy Sushi

In all fairness, this sushi was specially made for my friend who will eat anything but seafood, this Wagy truffle beef sushi was very unique. Neither of us has sushi with wagyu beef and it gave our gustatory cells a shakeup!

Fatboy Sushi

From the Grill

Fatboy Sushi isn’t just a sushi place, it also serves up grilled masterpieces. Rare cuts of beef, grilled to precision. The 2 different styles were prepared for stimulating all senses, rare slices of wagyu beef and deep-fried beef seasoned with a coated crunchy exterior. Our favourite, definitely the deep-fried one, although both were equally delicious. The green squiggle condiment, a compliment to the beef. Just cuddle a crumb with your tongue and if it tickles the taste buds it’s excellence.

Fatboy Sushi

Skewered Grilled Eggplant, 3 pieces each, texture and taste, simple and delicious. I almost forgot to mention the grilled chicken wings because there is so much on our table, this place is perfect for sharing with a sizable group. The Prawn Star was still haunting my tongue, lol.

Fatboy Sushi

Grilled Pork Belly is unassuming, thinking everyone in Thailand serves up this popular part of the pig. What is the big deal and then POW…… one bite and that is it, your hooked!! Pack your bags because this one can take you for a long magical smooth ride and the taste buds will never be the same again!


Winner of tonight’s show, the Prawn Star!

No No room for dessert, nope no way! Thank you to Atcha and the staff for taking the time to entertain and explain the dishes that were graciously served. We are deeply grateful for the experience to try Fatboy Sushi. We are definitely coming back with a group of people so lookout once again!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next review!


 Yommarat Alley, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500


 090 419 9969

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