Sauces of Cafe 89.8 – Krabi

In these difficult times its not strange to see your favourite restaurant looking for options to survive. And in this case Cafe 89.8 has come upon a brilliant idea. To combine their culinary knowledge that has delighted locals and visitors alike for years, and apply that towards a range of delectable and delicious sauces!

So let’s get into the sauce offerings and go over them one by one.

Asian Sauce

The Asian sauce is a definite starter, and highly appropriate in well, Asia. Its a great accompaniment to any local dish where you just want to lengthen out that flavour. We tried adding it to our rice dishes and found it works a charm. Definitely useful to have around.

Chipotle Apple

The achievement here is to manage a balance of the two somewhat distinct flavours, and balance is what they are achieved. The luscious sweetness of apple sauce with a backend of strong and vibrant with slight heat Chipotle sauce. Definitely one you want to try, We tried with Burmese fritters. It really helped to give an extra dimension to these fritters, that was sympathetic to the whole taste experience.

Whiskey Spice

Espresso and Whiskey Spice sauces with some Sloane’s Sausages

This, is a man’s sauce. It’s a perfect sauce for the BBQ, or even dollop it on as a marinade. It has that tanginess that is delivered by both the Whiskey spice and the BBQ sauce. Overall its a robust slight strong sauce that would suit anything that is meat grilled. Perfect for a condiment for those Sunday BBQs with friends.

Mango Pineapple

Although it’s called aMango Pineapple ketchup, I really want to call it, ‘The taste of Krabi’. This one has that tropical feel, and yes it is a sweet ketchup, so again not an all rounder, but perfect for some very specific dishes. This has to be tried at least once and I do find its a unique sauce that also makes for a perfect gift! Enjoy!

Expresso Sauce

Expresso sauce on Sausages

This is one for you coffee lovers! The combination of dark roasted expresso coffee with a tangy BBQ sauce. Now this is a selective sauce that you only want to apply to certain types of meals, best to experiment to find out which. We tried it on some Sloanes sausages and found it worked perfectly.

Banana Rum

Banana Rum on a breakfast sandwich

I must admit this is the first time I’ve had a sauce with anything like banana in it, and I gotta say, it could grow on me. It does help that I’m already a fan of bananas per se, so adding them into a ketchup kinda works for me. Overall its a smooth and slightly sweet taste, with just a hint of the rum. Its worth a try if you appreciate a ketchup no the sweet side.

House BBQ Sauce

A great sauce to have handy for when you do not want to overwhelm the dish, still tangy and has plenty of its own body and presence. But really is a solo effort that is not relying on any additions to go the full distance.

Find the full range here –

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