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After a lengthy stint as a butcher with Big C, The owner of Not just Meat, Sean decided to fulfil the ever growing need for comfort food, home delivered. He set up his place in Sukhumvit 56 and then proceeded to deliver his wares throughout Bangkok. He has been well received as ex-pats have had a chance to enjoy and savour the foods that remind them of home. From Meat Pies to chunky artisan sausages, Sean has been bringing edible joy to scores of people throughout Bangkok. After being opened for 4 months Not just Meat is finding it’s feet and building a large inventory of everyone’s favourite foods. Here’s a look at just a few.

Pie – Steak & Ale

Not just Meat
Steak & Ale Pie

Once we first gazed upon this pie, we were, optimistic. It was quite nicely formed, sturdy and definitely quite inviting. So as for the tasting, it was very chunky, had a good crust size which was nicely browned and over all was well done.   In summary the notable points were that it had perfectly sized chunks of steak.  The gravy to meat ratio is spot on, whilst also it’s worth mentioning that taste wise the Gravy was quite good. In presenting this pie they they microwave and then finish off in the oven, works perfectly!

Chicken Tikka Masala

Not just Meat
Chicken Tikka Masala

Next Not just Meat provided this lovely Chicken Tikka Masala. It had great chunks of quality chicken, nice thick sauce and based on a traditional recipe from the Mughal family. Overall a really good and robust taste.  The masala sauce was potently tasty with a slightly thick consistency.  This Masala was definitely full of taste, with just the slightest of spice taste profile. Also glad to know there are no additives.

Sweet and sour pork

Not just Meat

Big chucks again, definitely that familiar westernised taste that we all love enjoy and remember.  Tastes like childhood memories !  Nice cuts of veggies and the sauce is sufficiently sweet.

Chicken Bites

Not just Meat

These little fellas are quick handy in terms of keeping them in the freezer for when guests drop over, or you’re just feeling peckish! Pull them out and quickly you’ll be nibbling on these delightful little chaps in no time. Tastes pretty much as you expect, but definitely worth having around for the convenience!

The Sausages

Since Sean has been a butcher since he was 15. He certainly knows a thing or two about meat, and especially sausages. So Not just Meat gave us the chance to use his sausages in a bunch of different ways as we cooked up some interesting meals! We decided to document the process a offer the following suggestions below.

Kransky (As a hot dog)

Love hot dogs?  ever tried doing it with a Kransky ?

Not just Meat
Hearty Bolognese with the addition of Sausages

I also made my normal Bolognese (using a pressure cooker) and added some of the sausages to it. It really turned out to be a good addition because of the extra flavour given to the whole dish from the sausages. I will continue to do it this way from now on.

Not just Meat

I also did a traditional sausages and potatoes. Added some BBQ sauces to it and hey presto. A farang meal for one! The sausages are thick and well made, and I used a mixture of beef sausages and lamb & rosemary sausages.

Not just Meat
Curried Sausages

I also decided to give the sausage a go in a Curried Sausage recipe. My approach was to throw in a mix of the sausages i goot, to provide a different flavour experience. Added curry powder, chopped potato, carrots, peas, onions and some gravy, and this was ready to go. Quick blast in the high pressure cooker and it was a delight to eat. Threw in some Cafe898 Whiskey Spice sauce in last, to round it all out, with a slightly smoky robust addition.

Overall this was a great adventure into both cooking with their meats and using their reheated meals as well. Definitely give these guys a go!

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