Delivery: It’s all Aroy at ‘Pizza Aroy’!

Delightful, Delicious and Delectable! I was scrolling through Facebook when I ran across Pizza Aroy. It just looked so so good. I have tried many pizzas and this one was exceptional. From the customer service of Willy and his wife, Yupin, the creator and chef, to the delivery was smooth like butter. Pizza Aroy was founded in 2011 by Yupin, with over 20 years of experience in this business she definitely knows creative pizza style. I needed and wanted to sink my pearly whites into that pizza!! And, I did just that!

Pizza Aroy
The Making of my pizza!

Pizza Aroy has been around for over 20 years. It’s like a food truck we go step up and unassumingly taste the most delicious pizza ever!. However rest assured, they are connected ot many of the delivery companies as well so you can get your pizza online, hot and fresh!

My conversations with the owner Willy give all full credit to his wife. Yupin. is the brain and the master chef behind Pizza Aroy, (FYI, there is only 1 Pizza Aroy) in Bangkok!

Their business can cater to big gatherings, corporate parties as well as serving up the actors on movie sets. Furthermore, they are located in the Town in Town area of Bangkok.

Pizza Aroy
Pizza Margarita with cherry tomatoes

I had the opportunity while doing this review to share it with few friends of mine on a Friday night social gathering. The consensus was the best pizza we’ve ever had. Why you might ask? Just look at the amount of different toppings they have for their pizzas. Oh and the stews.. wowzers!!

Pizza Aroy
Pizza Don Henry

Well for one it has the perfect thickness of crust, pizza sauce is so tasty and the fresh ingredients make for a very well done pizza. The red bell peppers stayed crunchy and the saltiness of the pastrami and olives combined … wow!

This pastrami pizza is just as good as it looks and even better when you have a bite. Loaded with fresh pastrami, olives, mushrooms, red onion, red pepper, jalapeños and fresh mozzarella WOW, what a combo!

Pizza Aroy
Amazing Bruscetta

When I saw the pictures on their Facebook page it made me immediately want to order this pizza and try it out. What I love about this picture is, the way the pizza crust looks, and moreover the ingredients. Just au-natural and picture-perfect. My favourite food is pizza, is comfort food, it’s a convenient food, it’s a food that embodies all nutrients and flavours packed in 1.

Pizza Aroy
Beef Stew

I just love the small outdoor space the have. In addition, for a real authentic experience, let’s sit outside under the hot Thai sun, drinking a nice chilled beer with a scrumptious slice of Pizza Aroy. Cannot wait for the COVID-19 lockdown to end so I can actually give it another go!

Pizza Aroy
Salami & Pepperoni

Another very good combination of spinach and bacon pizza. I love the way the dough rises with little air pockets on the crust. You can tell the dough is well made and the thickness is perfect. You almost want to curl with a good book and have the pizza to yourself. It is like wrapping a delicious wrap all together in one.

Pizza Aroy
Pizza “Full House”

I got a chance to try some beef stew as well as beef lasagna. Both items are a definite must to order because they were using with cheese and flavor.

That at the pictures again at the bottom just to show you the really awesome quality of Pizza Aroy!

Thank you to Willy and his wonderful wife, Yupin, who makes the most delicious pizzas in Bangkok, I’m very grateful as your food is very delicious.

Definitely go check them out when Covid restrictions have eased up! They are open now and more-so after June 30. Remember there is only one Pizza Aroy in Bangkok! Shoutout to Yupin, wishing her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today June 11, 2020!!

With love and gratitude,


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