Delivery: Delicious Momo’s at Dumpling Paradise!

One of the places on my bucket list is Nepal. I have visited Napolis restaurants in Canada. My favourite Nepalese station is the dumplings which they are very very famous for. Dumpling Paradise, are very aromatic and filling.

Wedged between two giants, India and China, Nepal seeks to keep a balance between the two countries. I salute is concerned it is definitely a mix of India and China. I believe the dumpling is that they are famous for our stuffed with meat chicken veggie or pork and typically used with Indian spices. The dumpling style comes from China and Tibet.

Not very many people know about Nepalese cuisine. I happen to live in a city in Canada that a Himalayan/Nepalese restaurant, and it was voted as the best restaurant in that city (Calgary). Moreover, when I came to Bangkok, I really wanted to try the different dumplings from a Nepalese restaurant. Dumpling Paradise was music to my ears as it was to my tastebuds too!! The chilli oil added a nice kick to the already flavorful dumplings.

Dumpling Paradise

I’m not sure why these dumplings are green but don’t look at the colour actually the colour is kind of funky. These dumplings when lightly warmed up either in the toaster oven or a frying pan are super delicious. They have slight hints of coriander and turmeric plus all the other yummy Indian spices.

Dumpling Paradise

These yummy fried dumpling of chewy goodness, are seriously ready to pop in your mouth with a dip in some nice chilli oil sauce. These dumplings were soft and needed no introductions.

Dumpling Paradise

Along with the different chicken and veggie dumplings, prepared in different ways, like steamed, fried and pan-seared, Dumpling Paradise also serves famous thali’s! If you don’t know what a thali is – now you will!! A Thali is also used to refer to an Indian-style meal made up of a selection of various dishes that are served on a platter! (see picture below of the Veggie Thali)

We had a chicken thali and a veggie thali. Both were amazing. The aroma filled the room with the wonderful but not so heavy on the spices. I enjoyed the dumplings because I ave steamed dumplings. I quite enjoyed the different items in the thali as well.

Dumpling Paradise
Veggie Thali

Yes, last but not least this veggie thali, is like a Indian style combo meal that serves rice, lentils, curry, papadum and of course chutneys! This is one of the most incredible ways to eat a meal in India and of course here in Thailand or any place where they serve tali’s.

The owner of this place was very helpful in the decisions for the dumplings!! His wife convinced him to open a Nepalese eatery and I am so glad they did! I will definitely go visit them once the COVID nightmare is over!

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