This is definitely a M.U.S.T to try!!

M.U.S.T stands for “My Ultimate Sandwich & Treats” or it can be “Make U Scream Tasty” or Music STation or what do you think it can stand for?

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I ran across M.U.S.T restaurants ad and it looks so good I decided to give them a call. I’m so glad I did. The reason I put this picture first because to highlight a small but practical gesture in the delivery. I loved the additional delivery touch in these COVID-19 times as there was a complimentary mask in my bag, for enhanced safety!

Complimentary Mask in the Delivery!

I was looking forward to meeting Jah, the owner of M.U.S.T. She personally came to deliver the food to me and I was truly delighted to meet her. The delightful presentation of the food, it came nice and warm packed full of goodness. Check out their daily special on Facebook!

Burger with Cesar Salad

M.U.S.T is and I mean you just MUST!! I can remember growing up the smell of homemade bread. The feeling and texture along with the taste is first class. Who doesn’t love a slice of homemade bread, yes that is what I said, it is made in-house with all-natural ingredients. The first thing I wanted to try because it looked so inviting was the burger. The steak burger in the homespun burger bun and a Caesar salad. The beef and the burger was soft and succulent.

Cheese Melt & Caesar Salad

The cheese melt sandwich like grilled cheese but even more ooey and gooey, full of stringy most wonderful tasting cheese and again the slices of bread are homemade. I always love to eat a good caesar salad. I always wanted to know where or who invented this amazing salad combination. Want to know a bit of historical tidbit? We can thank Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who came to America in early 1920s and Mexico and Prohibition for this marvellous creation. The Caesar salad was initially called Aviator Salad. It was renamed due to the massive popularity of the person who created it. It is attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who operated restaurants in Mexico and the United States. In order to avoid the prohibition orders in the USA, as he would spend most of this time in Tijuana. This salad is America’s most popular dish!

Crispy Pork and Spaghetti

What to say about this crispy pork with spaghetti, basil, baby tomatoes, dried red chillies, not to mention fresh red Thai chillies, this simple piquant deserves a standing ovation! The spice level for me was over the top as I loved it every single bite. I think with a huge Italian influence in Thailand spaghetti or pasta is a dish they wouldn’t think would go well with Thai food. However, I was wrong! The combination of spaghetti and meat mixed with local spices, conjured up the yummiest dishes. Need to give the Chef’s in the M.U.S.T kitchen a standing ovation!

Beef, Rice and Egg

I had to save this titillating dish for lunch the next day. Because the enticing flavours of each dish had its own uniqueness and I wanted to make sure I spaced it all out for greatest impact. I would have to say this Thai rice that they made was one of the most delicious flavourful rice dishes I have eaten in Thailand. The combination of flavours was so good, I highly recommend this dish to all my friends.

Spaghetti with Beef Patty

I bragged so much about M.U.S.T, that a couple of my friends ended up ordering the next day for delivery. They also got the added nice touch of receiving the mask! Beef is not very popular meat to consume in Thailand. I hesitate ordering beef at any eateries unless I know they know what they’re doing. By the same token, the beef here at M.U.S.T was done to premium perfection. It was not chewy, instead, it was moist and plump.

I’m really hoping that once corona is over to visit this actual location and meet the chefs!

I mention above what M.U.S.T stood for sooooo…. there is a contest for any of you fellow foodies, can come up with something fun for the M.U.S.T acronym then let’s hear it!!

Whoever the Jah (the owner & her staff) chooses, get a free burger! Let’s put on our thinking caps and see what we al can come up with! The REWARD: A .M.U.S.T burger!

My friend’s kick at the cat: Me U Same Taste = M.U.S.T – from the gentleman who you delivered to in Suan Phlu

Fauzia’s attempt: Marvelous Unique Sensational Taste = M.U.S.T

Well there are 2 entries here – do I hear a 3rd, 4th or more?

Please reply in the comments below to get this contest underway!

With love,



Chan Space. Thanon Chan,Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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