Bar Review – JIM’s Burgers & Beers

Looking for a place to enjoy a massive burgers while have a few cups of crafted-beers? So, let’s visit a delicious burger restaurant in Bangkok for an awesome chilling evening, JIM’s Burgers & Beers. Currently, the owner has expanded their branches around Thailand. Our Production team visit one of their branches in Ari. Make sure you don’t miss this beer when you visit the shop.

Massive burgers
Massive Burgers

What is really special about JIM’s Burgers & Beers is different concepts for different branches. When we first visited the restaurant in Ari, it definitely has design of bar mood. The restaurant has a total of 4-5 tables inside the restaurant. Moreover, what is really unique about the JIM’s Burgers & Beers is a huge board that shows the DRAFT BEER FOR TODAY. The atmosphere is a bit tight but the shop has expanded the room on the left is the newly opened Three Musketbeers. It is the contrast mood which is slightly dim.

Cozy atmosphere with a total of 4-5 tables inside the restaurant

Even though the concepts of each branch is different but there will be only a burger menu that is still the same for all JIM’s Burgers & Beers branches. Their signature beef burger is a wow from us. A 100% premium beef with a lot of filling such as bacon, onion and their homemade sauce. The burger also comes with cheddar cheese as well. DELICIOUS. If you want something strange, try Piggy Lava BLT Pork on the menu. The bun is in green colour because of the spinach flavoured. However, you would fill your stomach with a large paddy and dripping cheese everywhere on the burger. If you don’t want to eat burger, There are also different foods you can try like fried chicken. There are 8 pieces when you order that.

 Piggy Lava BLT Pork
Piggy Lava BLT Pork

You must complete your meal with a nice cup of beer. JIM’s Burgers & Beers has exported the beer from around the world. Because they will write the name of the country on the board and from that you can enjoy what is your best drink. We would suggest to order not the same draft beer because you would want to share with each other.

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