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If you are a beer lover, you’d love this place that our team just visited, Taproom. There are 3 locations from Sukhumvit, Ari and Saladaeng. Because there are 26 draft beers selection for you to taste. Try to see which one is the best for draft beer in your beer taste. Visit all there branches in Bangkok at Taproom for an amazing craft beers.

Amazing craft beers

The excellent atmosphere, cozy and clean with the large roof at Taproom. Definitely a good place to sit down and drink some draft beer mood. Moreover, a bar feeling from neon light in Taproom Ari branch is even chill for a cup or two frosty draft beer at night. Once you walk in every branch, you’ll see the bar area is full of the beers are lined with wooden panels for. Each wooden table will have a romantic light, so it fits perfectly for a great couple date.

The excellent atmosphere, cozy and clean

As the Taproom itself is popular for various draft beers, so it makes people would want to come back for different beer to see which one is the best. For those who prefer other drinks, there are also options to try cocktails, mock-tails and soda which is available on the menu. You would want to try their Rum Punch Cocktail because the slightly alcohol taste from the white rum goes well together with the orange juice.

draft beers

You would want to eat this as well on their food menu. There are 3 main courses for pizza which you really go smoothly together with a cup of beer. As different branch from Sukhumvit. The food menu at Taproom focuses on the snack which is easy to eat. In addition, their sausage and salad as a commentary to eat along with beer as well.

Pizza Courses

Find them in Sukhumvit:
Find them in Ari
Find them in Saladaeng

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