Mexicano Restaurante Autentico, by the pool!

Finally, I made it over to Soi 20 to give the old Mexicano Restaurante a try.  I have been out here for about six years now and literally live two blocks away from this place, but I had never had a chance to try it out.  It doesn’t take me long to sniff out a Mexicano joint and thought I had hit up most of them in town.  I guess I overlooked this one. 

Poolside dining is available

I knew the name and had heard good things about Mexicano Restaurante.  I thought I had read somewhere that it was closing down, but that turned out not to be true. 


It is true that their original location in the Rembrandt Hotel on Soi 18 has closed up shop, but they are still serving out of another outlet for dine in, take out, or delivery.  If you have a group of six or more you can call ahead and they will prepare a private room for you to dine in, free of charge, if you like.  Mexicano Restaurante is located temporarily in the main building of the Rembrandt Residences on the eleventh floor, access via Soi 20.  

We started off with some chips and salsa, queso, and their Guacamole en Molcajete.  I noticed right off the bat that the chips seemed almost perfect.  They are made in house and tasted great.  They had a perfect thickness and crunchiness.  Mexicano Restaurante had a couple of salsas, a green tomatillo cilantro and a red chipotle, both were great.  Their chipotle sauce is fantastic.  It is like no other I have ever had.  A rich deep taste with a little twang to it and a nice kick to it.   I could have eaten that all day.  It was very good. 

Mexicano Restaurante
Enjoying Queso

The queso was good, too.  It comes out in a porcelain dish with a little fire under it to keep it warm.  The Guacamole en Molcajete was off the chain.  It’s not cheap but at 285 baht, but it is well worth it.  And it comes in a proper sized bowl.  It may look a bit small but I assure you, it is not.  This is a must if you visit Mexicano Restaurante.  

Jalapeño Quesadilla

Mexicano Restaurante
Jalapeño Quesadilla

Then we had a Jalapeño quesadilla.  I had never seen or heard of this before, in regards to Jalapeño being a part of a quesadilla.  This was the biggest surprise of the day.  I highly recommend trying this bad boy out.  You could be thinking that it might be too spicy or hot, I thought the same thing and I can tell you it is not.  This was a great quesadilla.  Something a little different.  The Jalapeño almost had the texture of meat inside there.  I felt like it could have been chicken or something, but it wasn’t.  The flavor of the Jalapeño and cheese were, well, exactly what you think of when you think of Mexican food.  I was really impressed with it and would say it is must, as well.  

Chorizo Tacos

Mexicano Restaurante
Chorizo tacos

We tried the chorizo tacos.  They are a street style taco with chorizo, cilantro, little white onion, a nice lime on the side and all in a corn tortilla.  They come three to an order.  Their corn tortillas tasted super.  They had a real strong corn flavor to them.  The chorizo was good.  How can you ever go wrong with street tacos?

Chicken Burrito

Mexicano Restaurante
Chicken Burrito

Last of the mains was the chicken burrito.  It is a dry burrito that comes with a rich yellow sauce that compliments it nicely.  It’s a fairly good size.  The chicken was tender and easy to chew.  Filled with beans and rice, it all tasted great.  I would not have a problem ordering that again from Mexicano Restaurante.

Churros & Ice Cream

Mexicano Restaurante

Despite being full as a tick, the chef insisted we try their churros.  I didn’t think I had any more room for anything, but I was wrong.  This is a nice presentation.  They bring out their homemade churros, hot and shining.  On one side of the dish you have huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Mexicano Restaurante

On the other side of the dish you have a small pitcher full of melted chocolate, and I mean this tasted like good, deep, rich chocolate.  You pour that all over the churros and ice cream and Booom!!!!  It was delicious!  Also, a nice surprise.  I seldom save enough room for dessert at Mexican places and wouldn’t have ordered it on my own.   Now, I know.  Hahahaha 

Mexicano Restaurante passes with flying colors in my book.  I sure am glad they didn’t close down. I would recommend giving it if ya get a chance.  This is one place I can support.  

Enjoy Amigos,

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