Delivery : Dumpling delights with ‘Hong Bao’

Hong Bao invited us to try some of their delicious Chinese dumplings, how could we refuse?

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

Hong Bao Steamed Supreme Pork and Shrimp Dumplings

Hong Bao

Hong Bao has made a very enjoyable dumping, slight sweet, nice meaty prawn with a spread of minced pork to even things out. The pastry is as should be, not overly present, allowing the stuffings to do the talking.

Crispy Spring Roll with Shrimp and Italian truffle

Hong Bao
Crispy Spring Roll with Shrimp and Italian truffle

This is a spring roll, fried to make crispy, with Shrimp inside, accompaning it you have a container of truffle sauce.

Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork in Brown Sauce

Hong Bao’s Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork in Brown Sauce otherwise known as  fu pei guen is stuffed with a flavourful filling of ground pork with mushrooms and vegetables (and sometimes chicken and even some ham), it is topped with a mild-yet-rich sauce and steamed before serving. Even though it is a dim sum item, it is also a good dinner dish when served with rice.

In regards to beancurd, in much the way a skin can form on top of warm cow’s milk, bean curd skin is made by boiling soy milk, then leaving it to stand until a thin skin forms on top. It’s then carefully lifted off in sheets

Shrimp Dumplings Wasabi Taste

Hong Bao
Shrimp Dumplings Wasabi Taste

We got five dumplings in this lot, deep fried with a fan of pastry on top. It comes with a side of sauce, a mayo i think. The wasabi which is inside the dumpling is not too strong, so there is no need to fear a burning through the nostrils kinda experience. It’s more a hint of that, with the taste of wasabi being predominant.

Steamed Crab Dumpling

If you love your crabmeat then this is for you. Its a concoction of crabmeat stuffed into a dumpling and then steamed ready to delight your mouth! Hong Bao really knows how to please!

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