Delivery : It’s not just the name ‘Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina’ thats a mouthful.

This Italian Trattoria (Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina) opened recently just before CONVID 19 arrived. So it was straight into delivery mode for them. It’s nestled in the restaurant area between Sathorn and Silom.

We just open, the idea came last year in September during a Sunday lunch service to me and my business partner when we realize that was not tuscan trattoria or in general trattoria style restaurant in bangkok

Chef /partner – Manuelo Pintore

As you will see as you ready on, this was really a magnificent feast. This restaurant has added greatly to the restaurant scene of Bangkok, and may indeed be responsible for expanding some waistlines in the near future.

Gnocchi Di Patate Al Sugo

Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina
Gnocchi Di Patate Al Sugo

As soon as you open the lid, theres a quick dash of Italian herbs that runs straight to your nose. The Italian herbs, the basil come at you with a strong insistence. You are about to eat genuine Italian cooking. The Gnocchi is fresh, creamy and smooth. It waddles is a delicious base of tomato sauce, with only the punctuation of the aforementioned herbs. This is a dish that I can get behind. Best eaten hot, its destined to be enjoyed again and again.

Crespelle Fiorentina (Baked Crepes)

Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina

This seems unassuming, but actually its deeply decadent. From the rustically rich underlying feta to the baked cheese and sauce above, this shouts comfort food just like ‘nonna’ use to make. This sure is a treat, a reward if you will, for all the diets and physical exertions that sometimes make up our life. Be sure to reward yourself with this at least once a month, we will!

Salsiccia E Fagioli All’Uccelletto (Sausage and White Beans Stew)

ok straight off the bat, these are first rate Italian sausages. Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina source the sausages using organic pork from Chiangmai and it’s made here in Bangkok with an Italian butcher that make this recipe exclusively for Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina. Nothing plain about these sausages at all, lovely texture, decent bite, a consistent quality inside. This stew is based on white beans, which are also sufficiently cooked to just melt in your mouth. The addition of the herb sage and rosemary herbs brings the whole thing alive.

Focaccia Sandwich

Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina

Hmmmm wow… the mix of Percorina cheese with the tuscan ham, is sensational over doing it for a descriptive language? It’s put together between a slab of Focaccia bread. (Schiacciata as they call in Firenze) Some rocket salad. It is simple but sensational, maybe we are easily pleased by Italian sandwich, but Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina have excelled themselves here. Try it yourself and let us know what you think in the comments! Are we raving or do they deserve high marks for these great treats?


Oh Mami mia, this is a certain contender for best lasagna in bangkok, it’s just simple put, ‘delizioso’. Why? well, its very even handed, nothing dominates anything else, there is the distinctive richness to the béchamel sauce, which is satisfyingly creamy and just lovely. The beef mince itself is strong and present with a unique and vibrant flavour. Even the layers of pasta have their own unique taste, there is nothing bland about this and I applaud their dedication to perfecting the humble lasagna.

Now, how did they do it ? I want our readers to comment below and tell me your favourite pasta, and better yet. Have you tried theirs? what do you think?


Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina is really a fantastic addition to the food scene in Bangkok. It brings a wonderful sense of Italian comfort food, that achieves a great satisfaction the the collective belly on this metropolis. DO give it and try and comment back your thoughts!

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