Chinese Delights at “Anita’s Private Kitchen”

Anita’s Private Kitchen is a concept located in Asoke, that regales the diner with either Chinese or Italian fare thats not too heavy on the wallet or stomach

Background of Anita

Hong Kong raised, Chef Anita Tang opened a new mixed-used venue Anita Private Kitchen. Interestingly includes a private kitchen and cooking school in an atypical place in Asoke last April 2019. Previously, she had a successful stint at a Chinese restaurant in Phuket for 4 years . Chef Anita transformed a unit in Young Place Mall to a lovely and homey dining venue with an open-kitchen. She cooks her meals in front of the guests and converses freely with them, adding an affable element to the evening.

Anita has bought a new concept in Bangkok where she can freely tailor-make her menu daily for the guests depending on market arrival, guests’ preferences and budget. Her six-course menu starts at a very reasonable 1,000 THB per person which might be the least expensive Chef’s Table concept in Bangkok. Most noteworthy, her passion for cooking started at an early age when as a kid she was cooking for her whole family. To pursue this passion, she moved from Hong Kong to Italy to master the famous Italian cooking techniques and flavors. Today she is incorporating her experiences into her own cooking style.

Five years ago she moved to Phuket where she ran her own Chinese restaurant but after four years, she wanted to give more freedom to her cooking style and opened Anita’s Private Kitchen where she can craft new daily new recipes according to guests’ preferences.

Anita's Private Kitchen

The Dishes

We visited Anita’s Private Kitchen on a Friday evening opting for her Chinese menu of homemade Szechuanese & Cantonese recipes. We started our journey with homemade Scallion Pancakes served with a tasty dipping sauce. It tasted utterly delightful as it was made with sesame oil, mirin, rice vinegar, soy sauce and ground Szechuan pepper.

Up next we were able to munch on the shredded chicken with cucumber with a creamy Japanese sesame dressing. This was enjoined with a thoroughly simple yet delicious basket of spring rolls.

Anita's Private Kitchen
Pork Dumplings

Hence, we were then entreated with delicious and mouthwatering Pork dumplings with chili sauce. The combination of cabbage and ground pork is succulent and yet so flavourful. The chili sauce balances the whole dish with hot spices and tartness from the black rice vinegar.

Anita's Private Kitchen

Likewise another favorite, the Braised pork belly Gua Bao is a powerful combination that mixes fatty, melting pork belly and sweat-inducing Chinese spices. It contrasts well with the freshness brought by the pickled vegetables. We had a great experience thanks to the lovely and passionate Chef Anita. She is very knowledgeable and friendly, making you feel like you are eating at a friend’s home.

All the above dishes are now available on Foodpanda (Anita’s Private Kitchen) for delivery at a reasonable price. We would recommend to reserve your booking 3 days in advance. Furthermore, no alcoholic drinks are served here, so feel free to bring yours.

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